Cougar Wrestling…. With Girls! 

Wrestling season is now upon us…. Once again it’s time to adorn my blue & white & grey to cheer on my sons team. It’s absolutely crazy the difference between the 6th and 8th graders. The biggest change from last year…. over 90% of meets this year are sprawled out all over Lake County, whereas last year they were 90% at home. Maybe I don’t understand the logistics of scheduling wrestling, but if all the other sports have no issue evening out the home vs away, not quite sure why the extremes.  Aside from the same colors, schools and mascots from last year, I did notice that my son’s team is usually double the opponents they play.
The best part you ask? They have two girls on the team that deliver beat downs like it’s nobody’s business. I absolutely love that! Makes me wish sports were not gender specific when I was a kid. I think that given the chance back then I would’ve signed up in a heartbeat. It’s comical to see the boys that are beat by the boys walk away like their pride has been stomped on when in reality, in a few years they would be all up for letting girls jump all over them. Just my 2 cents.

Go Cougars!

❤️ Rikki

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