Like most of us, I’ve worn many hats along this freak genetic experiment we call life. Some of the hats in my collection are:

An Only Child
First time mother to a preemie (who is now a teenager!)
A Wife
A Step-Parent
An Ex-Wife
A History Buff & Genealogist
A participant in an accidental IT career
A myelopathy patient (spinal cord injury)
A craft-aholic
One of the only SANE leaves in my expansive family tree
BONUS: Fluent in sarcasm
That’s about the long and short of things. The stage is set, all the characters in this drama will be given a pseudonym to protect their identity, but not their stupidity. Admission is free, enjoy the show I call my therapy.

-Rikki (Not sure if my parents were hippies when they named me, but I’ll rock it anyways)

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