Girls Night

“Friends are the family that you choose”

For the first time since diagnosed with Myelopathy, I made good first step in starting to reacquaint myself in my socializing skills and working my way out of the very long rabbit hole of depression and the way that myelopathy and its ugly myriad of other symptoms has turned my world upside down and inside out.  

I spent 8 full hours with some of my oldest and dearest of friends talking and enjoying each others company.  The conversations were light and humorous, serious and sometimes sad about those we’ve lost along the way, and even going through photographs that serve as a reminder on everything we have seen each other through that has forever forged our bonds.

They are the true definition of friendship – that no matter how much time or space has gone by, or how the every day chaos that comes with forging our own families and careers that take away the freedoms of our youth, that they would be there when you needed them – no questions asked.

They’ve seen me through my darkest hours and at my most happiest.  It finally dawned on me tonight on how lucky I am to have these wonderful women in my life who would be by my side with a simple phone call.  While they have not always agreed with my choices, they have never written me off as a lost cause and for that I have no words that would appropriately describe how eternally grateful I am to have such strong women in my life.  We may not ever agree on each other’s opinions but at the end of the day we would support each other in any way that we could with no questions asked, no judgement passed, and no drama to add, and that is the true definition of sisterhood.  

Tonight was a much needed reminder that while I am the one who has to walk this path that was handed to me, that I don’t have to walk it alone.  And that somehow is better than any prescription any doctor could ever give me.

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