Mindfulness – Its Like Being in Oz with the Lollipop Guild!

So, throughout this 2 year adventure has been a roller coaster- much like everyone's life I imagine – ones own roller coaster where you are looking for the attendant to get the hell off.

Being an Apple Whore and loving all things Apple – I was shocked that a while ago that they introduced an app called "Breathe". While this normally wouldn't bother me, during this phase of roller coaster hell – my watch which recently hasn't left my wrist much to monitor my heart rate as I was recently diagnosed with tachycardia due to panic attacks and anxiety. But I swear every time I saw it remind me to breathe I wanted to chuck it into the wall and tell it to go breathe where the sun don't shine and I'm putting that nicely.

Luckily to my good fortune, my therapist introduced me to the app Calm. And I've been downloading guided meditations up the wazoo from Apple Music and it really has one size fits all type of feel – which is ok, but that's like saying we are all genetically identical – it just doesn't work that way – what may be good for the goose may not be good for the gander.

I have to say it has had a way better calming effect than a stupid reminder to breathe like that other reminder you have on your calendar at work to do your time entry on every single thing you do — so your hours are billed to whatever project or activity you were working on – most of you IT folks will totally know what I'm talking about. It's like that aggravating reminder that everything has to be in 15-30 increments and you're trying to decide where to fit in your trip to the bathroom or the user that stopped you to ask you a question – also known in the IT world as being hijacked.

Anyway, back to the story. So I actually have to say I was impressed at the customization that allows for a very soothing and relaxing experience – and If you were looking for something to help you disconnect from our electronic society
, this would be my recommendation – that would even helps my 13 year olds anxiety and maybe ADHD if he would do anything other than Pokémon on his phone…Yeah I'll choose not to pick that battle, this will require some ninja stealthiness mom style.

While I still understand that my process is a long road, I also know most of my friends are professionals with crazy hectic schedules – and if we all took 10 minutes to do the "Daily Calm" it may even make for a little bit kinder world. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a person who recommends much other than "you go better see a doctor for that", so if that makes it have a bit more weight… check it out on your App Store! Come with me and follow the breath to the yellow brick road where the monkeys fly, the witches melt, and a kid can sign your death certificate!

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