Myelopathy – A Parody of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Ronald Dahl had it right. His timeless story of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory really could parody any life situation. For example:

I imagine myself as the humble hardworking Charlie who thought that golden ticket was a chance to get back to better world but gets stuck inside the madhouse that belongs to Myelopathy- Willy Wonka.

Where Augustus Gloop could represent the spinal cord compression as he is squeezed through the tube.

Where Veruca Salt’s constant stomping around is a myoclonic jerk. Because if the jerk is coming – it’s arriving now just on Veruca’s whim.

Where Violet Beaugard’s gum chewing equate to my every trigger point that throbs over and over again no matter how hard long it’s been there, it may get tucked away behind her ear for a little bit each day but don’t worry – those throbbing aches and pains of trigger points shall return.

Where Mike TVs obsession to TV and is oblivious to anything else is that thought in my head that is always closing watching what else is going to pop up.

The chocolate river that is ever lasting flow of pain where even a fizzy lifting drink can’t take the pain away for too long.

The mastermind himself, Willy Wonka who is always on the go, trapped inside his madhouse, that is the accompanying fatigue that goes hand in hand with his chocolate river.

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