New Year – New MRI

First a little back story…..

So back in May I started to notice an increase in my pain on a regular basis and other subtle changes that raised a flag for me. So my PCP ordered an MRI – which the insurance company denied saying it didn’t meet the criteria. So my neurologist had better luck and finally in August I had the MRI. C3/C4 looked herniated but there were other degenerative changes in my ACDF in C4-C7. So because there wasn’t any new compression, while my doctors urged me to see my Neurosurgeon, I didn’t want to waste his time.

So come October, my pain levels were on the high side of the scale and dosages of my medications were increased to give me some relief. Again, I was asked by my doctors to visit the neurosurgeon and this time I complied with their request, even though I told them giving him an MRI that was 3 months old before the pain doubled down and new and worrisome symptoms started to appear. After that visit he suggested some facet injections in my neck to help with the pain and would send a note over to my spinal pain intervention doctor.

So I showed up for my appointment with my spinal pain specialist who after examining me and hearing my list of new and worsening symptoms immediately scheduled me for an MRI 2 hours later. My medical team is very cautious with me because the Myelopathy left permanent damage in the form of a Myelomalacia at C6, which already left me compromised so it makes it difficult to determine what’s old vs what’s new. Based on whatever results came back if there was cord compression I would go back to my neurosurgeon as I would require another surgery or if there wasn’t any compression he would schedule me for an outpatient surgery for the facet injections at their facility.

So I had my 5th or 6th MRI since my Myelopathy was discovered and since I had to pickup my son to drop him off with his father, I carried that CD in my purse itching to get home to see what’s changed.

Needless to say, I did not like what I saw. It actually left perplexed. It almost looked like areas of my fusion where the discs were replaced with spacers filled with bone material to grow bits of bone to connect the levels were starting to invade the spinal cord sac. And if that wasn’t enough to perplex me it looked like I was having additional cord signal abnormalities which is a huge red flag, but I’m crossing my fingers it’s a fluke from the scan.

So either way this goes a surgery will follow for the new year. Either a small outpatient surgery to inject a nerve block into my facet joints in the back of my neck to provide pain relief up to 3 months or it’s back off to the neurosurgeon and the land of Oz where I don’t dare speculate what the grand wizard will want to do.

Until then….

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