I’m living in a medical soap opera!

So… last month my spinal pain intervention doctor throws me into the MRI which at this point I want a buy 9 get the 10th free program instituted. Says ok go see the Neurosurgeon (again) and have him clear you for facet injections and he would just set the appointment up in their Surgical Center after he got the note to save me an office visit. Ok sounds like a plan because at this point I’m tired of the back of my neck feeling like I got hit with a baseball bat. Sounds great right?

So one look at the MRI and I’ll admit it looked a bit off but nothing alarming like any new herniations or compressions. But it did look to me like the 2 of the spacers has moved toward the spinal canal. And while I’m trying to wrap my head around this because those spacers were filled with bone material to grow bone where the removed discs were. Then I saw the abnormal signal all throughout the fusion length from C4-C7 and not just where the bulk of the damage is at C6 which has never moved or resolved (hence permanent damage) so I shrug that one off as a shadow.

I go into the neurosurgeon with the concerns of what looks like the spacers have moved although my logical side can’t seem to process it. Well turns out the spacers haven’t moved it’s bone spurs growing toward the cord off the bones they grew to stabilize my neck because insurance doesn’t cover artificial discs. (Awesome! Santa had a late gift for me and I wish it was coal) and that shadow really isn’t a shadow it’s an abnormal cord signal throughout the entire length of the fusion. So he suggests the possibility of an laminectomy to give the cord some more room even though it’s not compressed but it’s definitely in the watch category. So that was an easy declination of that surgery with the mindset of let’s not do anything that doesn’t have to be done, especially since it would mean another 4 hour surgery and an even harder recovery – yeah not jumping on that bandwagon. Knowing full well it will be nothing short of a miracle if he never has to go back in there for adjacent discs that have to bare the load and in time will likely fail. So he clears me for facet injections. Super! So I wait for the nurse to call me with the scheduling.

So my phone rings…. while I’m in the waiting room just about to go into my counseling session. It’s not my doctors normal nurse or any nurse I knew at that facility telling me to call this doctor for spinal abalation. HOLD THE PHONE – I did not agree to burn my nerves off without trying to numb them first to make sure they are the problem. CART MEET HORSE. The nurse is essentially useless as far as why he is sending me over to another doctor with a phone number that I googled and found was not associated with Rush – no web site no ratings no nothing. Sure let me go ahead and let some person I can not research put me under, jabbed needles into my neck and numb the joints. Sure, and while I’m at it can I make a request for the doctor to be blind – because that would complete the all inclusive experience.

So, because I was already in the waiting room I didn’t have time to argue with her and I was scheduled to see my PCP in the next coming days so I tell her the story and she is bewildered and sees the note from my neurosurgeon who cleared me for facet injections. This is where I strongly recommend having all your doctors affliction to be the same hospital as my spinal pain intervention specialist is well known to my PCP, Neurologist and Neurosurgeon. So she suggested calling back and finding out what the hell is going on.

Well I have a better plan. He didn’t inject my trapezoid muscles so they are flaring and screaming so I will be having a very long, stern discussion with my specialist as I find that conduct very unprofessional and I want answers from the horses mouth and I don’t have the tolerance of nurses who are unfamiliar with my case to not have answers I need especially when they tell me to go see Dr. Jekyll and get my nerves blown away when I was adamant with the physician to not put the cart before the horse.

So other than being in agony from pain and sometimes bedridden for days I’m counting my marbles because I’m convinced I’m missing more than a few.

Then for the cherry on top… my Tempur Pedic cervical pillow decided after 3 years my head was too heavy and it had memorized my neck alright – except it would no longer support it. Given it supported my neck for 3 years at the cost of 100 bucks… I can’t really complain but damn the timing sucks.

But hey, I get to go see my Neurologist and my spinal pain intervention doctors both on Wednesday – Double the fun! Now only if I could dull the pain enough to fall asleep and it actually be rejuvenating. Fingers crossed.

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