Another Day In Paradise

After a solid week and half of my traps and my neck muscles feeling so tight I finally got to see my spinal pain intervention doctor today for some badly needed injections and to have a nice little chat about his little stunt that I did not appreciate.

While I’m very assertive with my medical team (as you have to be your own advocate no matter how great your medical team is)! We came up with another idea that may avoid going back under for facet injections that may or may not work. So first doctor visit was a pleasant one and I walked out of the office finally looking forward to a good nap as I haven’t slept even remotely decently for just about 2 weeks. So I donned my pizza and hotdog flannel PJs and finally got a decent nap with the help from my normal pain meds and a fresh Butrans patch.

So I woke up, changed back into my wrinkled T-shirt and jeans from this morning (Starting a new fashion trend). Got in the truck and looked at my nearly empty gas tank and decided it would be best to fill it up on my way home before the massive snow storm starts. So I drove the mile and arrived at the hospitals physicians building were people are parking vultures and I even saw one lady that was ignorant or had a blatant disregard for disabled peoples need for larger spaces and parked in the yellow stripes – which just irritated me.

So I finally made it to the neurologist office 15 minutes early and sat in the same old chairs that are the worst ever waiting for my neurologists one woman show, Stephanie who never ceases to amaze me with her ability to be the nurse, receptionist, and the direct the flood of pharmaceutical reps with a sass that reminded me a bit of me. So usually the neurologist is the fastest doctor visit ever. Today was quite different. My appointment was for 1:30 and didn’t get called back until 2:15. Which I didn’t mind as I got my French lesson done for the day (On a 31 day streak and 57% fluency… (Je suis mange pour connaissance!) and eaves dropped on high volume cell phone conversations, when I finally got called back. Stephanie mentioned he has a med student with him and she was just going to grab him as I tend to be a magnet for med students being the very atypical Myelopathy case and I was appreciative of her running interference for the med students so they’d miss this unicorn for once. (Don’t worry fellas… I’m back on a regular basis).

Finally I got my walking papers with an order for a Doppler exam on my calves which the tone from the cord misfires makes the muscles feel like they are going to snap by walking too much, just to rule out arterial blockages. I can’t knock the tests, because between my physical therapist having a gut feeling and my doctor listening to that gut feeling, Miss Daisy, my sassy physical therapy assistant back in 2015 saved my life.

So next week is yet again full of more medical and doctor appointments and more fun. But for now, I’ll hunker down during this snow monster that will no doubt crank the pain notch up a few.

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