Medical Problem Child

So the last couple of weeks my sleep has been completely out of whack and the pain medication has lost most of its effectiveness. The spascity in my legs and arms has gotten worse and I’ve had to go back on blood pressure medication as my resting heart rate and blood pressure skyrocketed back up when I attempted to get off one of the 16 prescriptions I have.

My only thought since I’m no longer having full blown panic attacks which caused tachycardia which is the original reason I was placed on that medication is that it’s my body’s physical response to the constant severe pain that makes some days impossible to get out of bed except to use the bathroom. But I will tell you I expected to have acquired minor cardiovascular issues with Myelopathy. Oh the fun surprises it brings.

So it’s definitely time to go back to the doctor and get medications changed around as the unfortunate part of a lot of my medications is your body gets used to the drug and dosage and needs regular tweaking whether upping the dosage or changing the medication out completely for another. I look at my daily pill box and it’s quite sad that I have to take 19 pills a day – and that doesn’t count the pain medication or muscle relaxers that are needed on a daily basis.

But on a positive note I got out to attend a baby shower and see my friends that I haven’t seen since a wedding like 16 months ago – yeah that’s how much I get out. But the couple of hours seeing everyone and socializing was worth the excruciating pain that came on just before we left. And it was fun to put some makeup on and look quasi normal on the outside aside from my trusty cane, even if my insides are falling apart.

Hopefully I will get in to my doctor today and get the changes I need made and maybe another round of physical therapy. Fingers crossed. In the meantime I’ll have my trusty 80 lb furry companion who is the biggest cuddlebug and gives me a sense of peace and calm in my world of daily medical chaos.

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