Another Month, Another Setback

So, after recovering from a perforated ulcer in the hospital for the longest 6 days of my life, not even a month later I find my balance suddenly ripped out from under me where my body from the waist up feels like it’s being pulled to the floor like a magnet. Going 10 feet to the bathroom I end up hitting my head twice into the glass shower door and the drywall in front of the toilet.

Needless to say I was diagnosed with a concussion and had another MRI on my brain (for now). Which was normal and the congenital defect on a vein in my left frontal lobe is stable from previous MRIs – all good news.

Except the recovery time from this concussion has been hell. A month in and any phone time has been very limited, balance has been circus show in itself, I don’t like driving far, I’ve been sleeping 18-22 hours a day and guzzling water like it’s going out of style.

Now I’m facing another Neurologist visit, the scoping of my stomach and the beginning of my lower intestines (where my ulcer is located), oh and two teenagers starting high school.

So sorry folks for the long delay as it’s been very hard to look at electronics and I’ve been auditioning for Disney’s live version of Sleeping Middle Age Beauty. But on the bright side I’ve finally got on Twitter in hopes to spread Myelopathy awareness. Find me @myelopathystory

That’s all for now!

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