2019…Another Year In Pain

Year 4 of constant pain.

The brutal Chicago winter of 18/19 weather hasn’t helped with posting but since my last post a lot has transpired.

Another MRI showed that C3/C4 disc has split open but hasn’t herniated “enough” to warrant another fusion.

I suffered a severe setback in June 2018 my when I unexpectedly had a perforated duodenal ulcer and was hospitalized for 6 days – and immediately was taken off the Meloxicam which was my only anti-inflammatory medication, even though doctors doubted that it would even cause that. An Upper Endoscopy showed a peptic ulcer 2 inches in length, so even though the duodenal ulcer sealed the perforation itself without the need for surgery, I still had another ulcer that was large to deal with. Oddly enough I’ve never had GI issues until my journey with Myelopathy started. Without the daily dose of Meloxicam, the pain just got worse.

The winter came and it was nearly constant visits for Toradol injections, which got me through the 8-10 pain scale days were just too much. It even was so bad I could rarely make my counseling appointments.

Spring hasn’t been so nice especially the ever constant rain which has been the cherry on top of a brutal couple of seasons. I’m hopeful that Summer will be kinder and hopefully not a scorcher.

Fingers crossed!!

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